Intermediate Qigong Yoga Flow for Digestion

published 1 month ago by Dr. Melissa West - Yoga Teacher - Namaste Yoga

Qigong Yoga Flow This intermediate qigong flow focuses on the earth element and spleen and stomach organ systems. Just like the stomach and spleen are central to our digestion and lie in the middle of our body, the earth is the source. Mother earth is our stable, grounded connection that supports and nourishes us. Your stomach is the most yang of all the organs and is responsible for nourishment of all the other organs. Your stomach is an organ of reception. Your stomach receives not just food, but also experiences, absorbs mental and intellectual material, emotional support from others, as well as energy flow and spiritual healing and development. The qigong inspired flows in this short intermediate class will open you to receiving the nourishment, caring and support of earth element. Your stomach rots and ripens food and drink and transports the essence of food through your body. When your stomach qi is strong you will experience robust health, when it is weak you will experience fatigue and ill health. Your stomach controls the descent of qi. If your food or experiences do not descend properly then you will experience bloating and belching. Through a balanced stomach organ meridian system you can experience an abundance of nourishment and satisfaction in all areas of your life. Through this qigong inspired yoga flow you can open up to receiving. Your spleen organ system on the other hand assists your stomach in transforming food essences and transporting them through your body.Your spleen organ sends food qi upwards to your lungs to support your lungs in gathering qi from your breath. It also sends qi upwards from the heart to assist your heart in forming blood. Overall your spleen provides support and an upward lift to your body. If you feel sluggish, tired, fatigued and lack energy, you may be surprised how stimulating your spleen organ system can positively energize your system. When your spleen meridian is strong, you will have a good appetite, digestion and elimination. However, when your spleen organ system is weak, you will have poor digestion, bloating and weak stools or diarrhea. When your spleen qi is transforming and transporting well your thinking will be clear and your thoughts will be settled. When your spleen qi is weak, your mind will be overwhelmed with obsessive thoughts and worry. This intermediate qigong inspired flow combined with standing yoga postures is designed to cleanse and tonify the digestive system. Gentle twisting movements will massage the digestive organs. Many of the movements are designed to move excess energy from worry and overthinking out of your head, drawing energy to the center of your body for digestion. By pulling the excess energy of overthinking and worry from our head into grounded and balanced energy for digestion we can connect with our gut feelings and the wisdom of your belly brain. To unlock the rest of this class as well as a full series of 6 classes for digestion including: Beginner Diaphragmatic Breathing for Digestion Beginner Myofascial Digestive Release Intermediate/Advanced Myofascial Release with Inflatable Ball Beginner Hatha Yoga for Digestion Intermediate Yoga Flow for Digestion Intermediate Qigong Flow for Digestion Click on the link below for members and the second link to join our membership community. Member Link: Click Here (not just for constipation) Want to join our membership? Click Here  

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