TWiG 535: Nihilistic Epistemology for Kids

published 2 weeks ago

This Week's Stories: Leo and Ant's Pixel 4 review: it's a decent phone, why does everybody hate it? The love/hate pendulum swings for tech PayPal Buys Honey for $4 Billion and Jimmy Wales' "Facebook Killer" are the future of social media Tik Tok CEO says China isn't controlling him Stadia launch underwhelms Google's Project Nightingale stirs our privacy fears Google cuts Friday meetings YouTube creators: the FTC is coming to get you!Picks of the Week: Jeff's Number: Google's Black Friday Sale Ant's Good Thing: Lawton Swann's Clemson Sports Talk Podcast Mathew's Stuff: Greedo shouted Maclunkey! Hosts: Leo Laporte, Jeff Jarvis, and Ant Pruitt Guest: Mathew Ingram Download or subscribe to this show at . Sponsors:

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