New XAML Features in Visual Studio

published 3 months ago by Microsoft

In this episode, Robert is joined by Dmitry Lyalin, who demonstrates a number of both new and upcoming features for WPF and UWP desktop developers in Visual Studio 2019. He shows:WPF Designer supporting.NET Core 3 [05:00]IntelliCode for XAML [06:00]Popout XAML into separate window [07:00]Document Outline [09:05]Easier merging of Resource Dictionaries [10:15]Runtime Tools in-app toolbar [12:45]Live Visual Tree [15:00]Hot Reload [15:45]Live Property Explorer [17:05]Show Just My XAML [18:50]More on Hot Reload [21:15]Control selection mode in UI Debugging Tools [25:35]Region support in IntelliSense [28:00]Code snippet support in IntelliSense [29:45]XAML Binding Errors window (available if you install XAML Binding Debug Output extension) [32:00]Suggested Actions (preview of upcoming feature) [35:00]

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