EPISODE 67: Mechanical Versus Fixed Blade Broadheads w/ Tim Gillingham & Aron Snyder

published 5 years ago by Brian Call

On this episode of Gritty Bowmen, I am joined by Aron Snyder and Tim Gillingham. Tim is one of the most accomplished tournament archers in the world--with numerous wins at the national tournament level, he has won the IBO World Championship, ASA World Championship, NFAA 3-D championships and the NFAA Pro Shooter of the Year Award Reading from the Hamskea Archery website, it says: Ever the perfectionist with the attitude that there is always a "better way" to do things, Tim is a constant tinkerer and has come to be one of the foremost authorities in the archery world today. One of Tim’s greatest attributes is his honesty and he is the most accessible pro archer in the entire industry. Ask Tim his opinion about any archery related topic and you’d better be ready to handle the truth.  And so, as you can imagine--he and Aron Snyder are quite the combination. Don’t ask their opinions if you don’t want their answers. In this podcast, Tim tells it like it is. He drops some serious knoweldge--try to keep up.

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