Intermediate Hatha Yoga Flow for Digestion

published 8 months ago by Dr. Melissa West - Yoga Teacher - Namaste Yoga

Digestion This intermediate hatha yoga flow for digestion was designed to break the cycles of bloating, gas, constipation and diarrhea that are common with irritable bowel syndrome. The gentle flow of this hatha yoga class is designed to restore motility of your gut, calm your nervous system and open your awareness to reduce stress and high levels of anxiety. Twists and side bends will help to release tension around your abdomen, while twists and backbends will put gentle and appropriate pressure on your abdominal organs. In this way we can encourage contractions in your intestines that may have been slowed to the point of constipation or ease spasming that may be causing diarrhea. Cultivating gentle balance between pressure and release through these flowing sequences will support the digestive issues of irritable bowel syndrome whether you are trying to get your digestive system moving or trying to slow it down. The flows in this class are slow enough so that you can feel from the inside, also known as interoception. This allows us to connect with our gut intuition and follow our internal guidance system through bodily sensations in a slow, safe and moving environment. With an intermediate hatha flow that is appropriately challenging to our mind body connection we will be able to have the experience that may bring up stress, anxiety, uncertainty, mixed feelings and confusion. Being with these feelings and sensations in the secure and slow moving environment of our mat allows us to be able to meet similar experiences off our mat with experience and prior practice. By dropping fully into our bodies we can let go of a mind that is used to being in charge, sometimes overriding our body with overthinking and develop a deep trust to move from our core with grace and ease. Feeling into our body, following the flow, and moving your body in space is all part of digesting the experiences of life, absorbing nourishment, going with the flow and releasing what no longer serves. To unlock the rest of this class as well as a full series of 6 classes for digestion including: Beginner Diaphragmatic Breathing for Digestion Beginner Myofascial Digestive Release Intermediate/Advanced Myofascial Release with Inflatable Ball Beginner Hatha Yoga for Digestion Intermediate Yoga Flow for Digestion Intermediate Qigong Flow for Digestion Click on the link below for members and the second link to join our membership community. Member Link: Click here (not just for constipation) Want to join our membership? Click Here

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