Your Photos! Photo Assignment 8 :: Still Life

published 3 years ago by Ted Forbes

There was some incredible photography submitted this week for the latest photo assignment! Photo Assignment #8 is to interpret still life. I’m particularly excited that a few people used street photography as an approach to their work with still life. I’m particularly excited to see you incorporating cross-genre approaches to your photography! Music from Epidemic Sound:

What is everybody it is time to look at your work on photo assignment number 8 which deals with still life photography and I'm really excited at this that one new faces today the work was outstanding as it always is it's constantly improving and I think that's really exciting to see a couple notes that I want to make first on there were a lot of schools that showed up in the Simon and I actually didn't talk about it in the video that I did on still life photography but that is a very popular subject Irving Penn did a lot of that you see a lot the past master stuff so there's a lot of interesting plays with various schools and the other thing that I thought was particularly worth noting on here. Is that still life photography is a genre of photography and painting for that matter which deals with usually tabletop typesetting so this is usually inanimate objects. And the intent is to experiment with composition and experiment with lighting and such. And what's interesting is I have a couple people and I know this because I see your work every time we do one of these that do a lot of street for talk. And there are some street photography interpretations of still life and I think this is where it gets interesting because ...

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