Yoga Nidra Meditation for Deep Body Relaxation | Yoga with Melissa 506

published 10 months ago by Dr. Melissa West - Yoga Teacher - Namaste Yoga

Yoga Nidra Meditation This full length Yoga Nidra Meditation for Deep Body Relaxation will help you let go of anxiety and stress to experience a deep inner peace and calm. Yoga nidra is a guided meditation that you do lying down that leads you into a deeply relaxing conscious sleep. This guided meditation is part of our attention economy series. With so much information coming from digital content, online spaces, social media and time on computers it is easy for us to become disconnected from our bodies. Our experiences are largely cerebral. Because we are always on, always trying to improve ourselves we become disconnected from our internal cues, cues like hunger. We experience lack of sleep, we forget we are hungry. What we are actually hungry for is deep embodiment. There will be no close out today so that you can stay deeply in your embodied experience. This guided meditation will end with 5 minutes of silence for those students who like these meditations to fall asleep to at night. If you would like my 7 days of yoga for sleep my best yoga, ayurveda, self massage and breath practices to fall asleep go to: put your email in and we will deliver that right to your inbox. I will put the direct link to the downloadable audio file for our members in the show notes and a link to become a member if you would like access to the downloadable file which is just the yoga nidra without any YouTube advertising or promotion, it starts right with the spoken guided yoga nidra that you can download onto your phones and devices to take it to bed with you so you can call right asleep. Yoga Nidra for Anxiety Audio Download 30 mins Yoga Nidra Audio Downloads (26 available as of today) Become a Member Today: Click Here  

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