FLOSS Weekly 554: Hotrock

published 1 week ago

Hotrock is a leading-edge event intelligence platform that allows IT leaders to navigate data overload, cut through the silos and potentially reduce costs. With digital transformation and the digital customer experience, a high priority on corporate agendas, next-generation event management solutions such as Hotrock can deliver meaningful business results in terms of ensuring applications and systems are continuously available and optimized for best performance. Hosts: Randal Schwartz and Jonathan Bennett Guests: Troy McSimov and Josh Mahar Download or subscribe to this show at Here's what's coming up for FLOSS in the future. Think your open source project should be on FLOSS Weekly? Email Randal at merlyn@stonehenge.com Thanks to Lullabot's Jeff Robbins, web designer and musician, for our theme music. Sponsors: go.itpro.tv/floss promo code FLOSS30 WWT.COM/TWIT

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