TNW 106: Hit in the Face by Dr. Dre

published 1 month ago

(02:03) With Facebook and Twitter approaching political ads from different perspectives, Seth Rosenblatt from The Parallax talks about how Facebook is resisting the urge to retreat from "free expression."(16:04) Heather Kelly from the Washington Post discusses how apps and services are intermingling with school administration resulting in data tracking of students.(32:52) The Airpods Pro are out, and Rene Ritchie from iMore shares his thoughts on whether they deserve the "Pro" moniker and who they are for.(45:30) Netflix is about to bring variable speed playback to its mobile app.(52:30) It's difficult to trace the source of AmazonBasic items like batteries, but it's important to know. Hosts: Jason Howell and Mikah Sargent Guests: Seth Rosenblatt, Heather Kelly, and Rene Ritchie Download or subscribe to this show at . Sponsors: WWT.COM/TWIT

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