Beginner Hatha Yoga for Digestion

published 1 year ago by Dr. Melissa West - Yoga Teacher - Namaste Yoga

Yoga for Digestion This is a short beginner hatha yoga class for digestion. My beginner yoga classes focus on simple, easy to follow hatha yoga poses, with step by step instructions and lots of modifications. These beginner classes are actually for beginners and will not leave you frustrated because they are too hard or difficult to follow. With six simple hatha yoga poses I will guide you deeply into your digestive system and the process of PERISTALSIS which is a wave-like squeezing motion that will nourish the digestive organs and promotes digestion and elimination. The beginner hatha yoga poses in this class alternate between compressing and elongating the organs of the digestive system to help you absorb the nourishment you are taking in from your food and life and let go of the waste from your food and things that are no longer serving you. The hatha yoga poses and sequence for beginners focuses on simple, achievable twists, forward bends and side bends that will both compress and elongate the organs of the digestive system for maximum absorption and elimination of nutrients. Additionally these simple hatha yoga poses will encourage blood flow and oxygen to the digestive organs improving digestion overall. This beginner hatha yoga class for digestion will move slowly and will stay close to the ground for a sense of safety, building trust so that we can listen to our internal gut feelings. This way we can connect with what feels right in our belly and let go of a mind that likes to override our gut intuition and internal felt sense. This beginner hatha yoga class for digestion is beneficial for colitis, irritable bowel syndrome, constipation, diarrhea, bloating, gas, good sensitivities, and celiac. If you would like to access this full short, simple beginner yoga class for digestion, something that would be simple to incorporate into your daily routine along with a 6 class series for digestion including: Beginner Diaphragmatic Breathing for Digestion Beginner Myofascial Digestive Release Intermediate Myofascial Digestive Release with 9 “ Inflatable Ball Intermediate Yoga Flow for Digestion Intermediate Qigong Flow for Digestion Then click on the link below for members and the second link to join our membership community.

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