Endgame To Elastic Endpoint Security - Mark Dufresne - PSW #624

published 2 weeks ago by Security Weekly

Last week, Elastic and Endgame announced that they have formally joined forces to introduce Elastic Endpoint Security. Together, they combine Elastic’s free and open SIEM with Endgame's endpoint security product to give users an integrated solution that offers greater visibility across their environment. This is a step toward realizing Elastic’s vision for applying search to multiple use cases, like threat hunting, fraud detection, and security monitoring. Now, when users deploy a data collection agent for Elastic SIEM, they can protect the endpoint simultaneously and remove the inefficiency of multiple solutions that can’t respond in time to prevent damage and loss. And, to make Elastic Endpoint available to everyone, the company announced that they are eliminating per-endpoint pricing. No more counting endpoints or days of threat intelligence data retained. Visit for all the latest episodes! Show Notes:

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