Restorative Yoga for Intuition | Are You Making This Mistake with Wearable Tech? | YwM 501

published 1 year ago by Dr. Melissa West - Yoga Teacher - Namaste Yoga

Restorative Yoga for Intuition One of the things that has captured our attention in the attention economy is wearable tech. Wearable tech can collect incredible amounts of data from our activity to our rest. Things from the number of steps that we walk, our stress, our weight, the number of calories we consume, the amount of sleep we are getting, the quality of our sleep and our sun exposure to name a few. Wearable tech can also compare our fitness ability to other people of the same age and gender. When our attention is focused on what our wearable tech is telling us, we hand over our internal authority to the wearable tech. We believe that our wearable tech knows more about our own experience than we do. We allow the wearable tech to become the authority of our experience rather than trusting our own experience. Instead of checking in with how we feel when we wake up in the morning, we disconnect from our felt sense and look at our wearable tech to see how many hours we slept and how well we slept according to this external source and trust the data that it is collecting. When we are on a walk we may disregard the cues of our body in order to meet our goal of 10K steps, regardless of how tired we are, where we are in our menstrual cycle or how well we are feeling that day. Wearable tech makes us poor interoceptors. It disconnects our awareness from the internal cues of our body. We may override our own cues for hunger, thirst and fatigue in order to follow the cues of our wearable tech. Yoga helps us to develop better interoception, internal awareness and intuition. As rest in long restorative yoga poses as we are today, we can tune into our body´s sensations and needs. Attending to our internal landscape allows us to be deeply rooted in our own embodied experience. This is an act of self love that helps us to develop our capacity to be empathetic. This empathy allows us to foster a profound sense of belonging in community and coherence in our environments.

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