Beginner Self Massage for Digestion

published 1 month ago by Dr. Melissa West - Yoga Teacher - Namaste Yoga

Self Massage for Digestion This short beginner myofascial release for your digestive system is essentially a self-massage for your digestive system that you can do anytime. Just five minutes in the morning will free you up your entire body for the day ahead and address stress and toxicity before they even had a chance to settle into the tissues of your body. I personally love this practice to set the pace of a new day so that I can go into my day with openness and acceptance to all the situations, emotions and people I will meet with a relaxed body. Self myofascial release of the digestive system is beneficial for digestive stress, constipation, bloating, colitis and irritable bowel syndrome. Stress and tension can interrupt the digestive process. Digestion is part of your your parasympathetic nervous system, known as rest and digest. When you are on high alert, your sympathetic nervous system kicks in and your parasympathetic nervous system turns off. As a result your digestion gets interrupted. The myofascial digestive release will relax the digestive organs including the liver and gallbladder, stomach, spleen, small intestines, large intestines/colon and allow them to work more efficiently. In order to have regular bowel movements and avoid constipation the muscles of the digestive system rely on PERISTALSIS. Peristalsis is a wavelike involuntary contraction that moves contents along your digestive system. Myofascial release of your digestive system can gently stimulate peristalsis. In addition, self myofascial release improves the blood flow to all the internal organs of your digestive system, improving their function. Anxiety, stress and past trauma can lead to constant tension and constriction in your abdominal area. You might feel like your stomach is contracted or spasming. Maybe you clench your stomach when you were stressed. Your stomach might twist and churn with anxiety and emotional stress. This is common with irritable bowel syndrome. Self-myofascial release can help you to unwind the stress and tension that is stored in the abdominal area. Feelings of overwhelm, accumulated tension, irritation and holding onto intense feelings such as anger can lead to inflammation in the large intestine. This can happen with ulcerative colitis. Freeing up the abdominal area though myofascial release can help to free internalized emotions and inflammation. To unlock this full beginner myofascial release for digestion class along with a full 6-class series on digestion including: Beginner Diaphragmatic Breathing for Digestion Intermediate Myofascial Digestive Release with 9” Inflatable Ball Beginner Hatha Yoga for Digestion Intermediate Yoga Flow for Digestion Qigong Flow for Digestion Join our membership by clicking on the link below

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