My Lord - My God

published 5 years ago by Hillsong Church

Is our life framed by God’s “I wills” or by our “I will not’s”? God consistently speaks in the Word his promise and reinforces over and over again “I will, I will bless you. I will cause my face to shine upon you.” In this message Ps. Brian Houston speaks about my Lord, my God.

On this is that I use my lord my god. What a beautiful old song that begins oh lord my god. Goes over and sings about creates. When I know someone to consider all the works your hands of my to see the stars I hear the rolling thunder Lepanto throughout the universe displayed then sings my soul talks about the wonder of creation. It talks about the power. Of the cross. It's Susan. One of the bonuses there when I beg the god as son of spirit said had to die. Less gas can tell you get in that on the cross. No burden gladly do you leering he lived and died to take away our sins the wonderful of. The wonderful para. Of creation that the beauty of the cross and it talks about a coming hope. I returned to the. That Las Vegas when Christ will come ...

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