My Hand - My Reach

published 5 years ago by Hillsong Church

Have you ever thought about this reality that the bigger we are, the greater our reach? Just as a person who is naturally tall has a very long reach, so people who are big-spirited, they’re big-hearted, then their reach goes so far beyond themselves. In this message Ps. Brian Houston speaks about my hand, my [...]

Father we thank you for the pair of you would. Lord we thank you would breathes life into people load we thank you could die that we can look to you with. So with all that you have for us. Jesus 9. A minute. My. Hands. My re. Well your hand. Your rate. Yeah I hands are a window into your how they say semi Tibet to. And ultimately what I've done with my hand says a lot about. What really is my heart what your hand sigh about your hot. Jesus I believe we can see in his hands. It's hard. What we see in his hands and I'll skulls. And what they represent is hot. God in the Old Testament. If you really look at his hands and specifically the work of his hands. You learn so much about ...

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