My Hand - My Heart

published 4 years ago by Hillsong Church

Do you know what God’s put in your hand? So many people under value the power of what God has given them. You should never underestimate what God can do with what he puts in your hand in terms of your calling, your talent or your skill. In this message Ps. Brian Houston speaks about [...]

I'm speaking about my hand my heart all using what's in your head. To fulfill. What's in your heart. So with that in mind. Hello look with me at 2 Timothy chapter one verse 9. Second Timothy took the one does not one of my favorite New Testament verses talk about. Jesus who has saved us. And called us. With a holy coolly. Not according to well works but according to his own purpose and Grice. Which was given to us in Christ Jesus before time began in one verse that it talks about Jesus who saved us who called us to purpose dos and graced us. Between your salvation. And gods grace. The celebration you received from Christ in the grades you've received from Christ is in that ...

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