My Disappointment - My Proving Ground

published 5 years ago by Hillsong Church

Dis - is a prefix, which means to go in the opposite direction. Are you going to be led by disappointment, or are you going to be led by God-given appointment? God never ever disappoints us! In this message Ps. Brian Houston speaks about my disappointment, my proving ground.

My disappointment but proving ground owner told to die about disappointment. Crushing disappointment. And I got to use your disappointment. As his proving ground. Disappointment is a part of life. So in any given week this people and also to walks of life. Facing crushing disappointment. So maybe this week a miscarriage. But a hot it what a disappointment that. Maybe a broken up to someone. You really thought that was a few today. And it's come to nothing. Maybe the bank said no to the loan maybe your house Boston at auction and you really needed to sell it. Maybe this seems to be. A constant constant. Breakdown of trust and you feel your trust is being shed. It's a disappointment. One thing I do know that disappointment is that doesn't come from god. He appoints he doesn't this appoint. And I think that's ...

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