My Faith - My Strength

published 4 years ago by Hillsong Church

What does it mean for our faith to be strong? What gives people resilience when it comes to standing in faith? What mountains are you facing? I love the idea of a mountain moving from being the obstacle in front of you to being the testimony behind you. In this message Ps. Brian Houston speaks [...]

This message is cold my faith my strength. Right is a powerful thing. Another despite the what god does. It's faith and who god is. Faith in putting your faith in Faisal gets in no way. But put into place in Christ. We'll get to everywhere someone to talk about strong fight. Because I love that full I love that idea we need tough fights because you 5 takes a beating. And Hebrews chapter 11. Hebrews 11 verse 33 best 30 full it's talking about people who through fights. Subdued kingdoms. What righteousness. Obtain promises. Stop the mounds of lions the stands to me like. Tough strong robust by. Stop the mounds of Lohan's clinched the violence of fire discard the edge of the solar ...

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