My Spirit - My Responsibility

published 5 years ago by Hillsong Church

What does it mean to you to have a right spirit? What is a right spirit and what is a wrong spirit? What do you need to let go of in terms of your spirit? What do you need to move on from? In this message Ps. Brian Houston speaks a practical message on taking [...]

My spirit my responsibility province 2520 yards talking about a spirit that says whoever has no role over their own spirit. There's like a city broken down without walls thing about a city in Old World walled city. Chemicals that wall around the city is important in terms of. Stand in the city. And so in an old world city the world's a broken down it's open to every kind of attack you can imagine. And that's what the Bible describes. Us like. If we don't know had a. Responsibility for our own spirit you like a city with its walls broken to help. Every kind of attack lego wisdom poor choices an emotional roller coaster finding yourself constantly constantly constantly with things really no spirit that god never intended to be in a spirit and it's amazing how your spirit makes way for you in Los. Daniel for ...

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