Heart Killing Busyness and Overwork in the Attention Economy | Yoga with Melissa 498

published 2 months ago by Dr. Melissa West - Yoga Teacher - Namaste Yoga

Yin Yoga The Chinese character for busyness translates as heart killing. In the attention economy where everybody is vying for our attention, it is hard not to be affected by the noise of others. In the attention economy, there is a lot of noise that comes from outside in. We are estranged from ourselves. When we take the time to nourish ourselves with practices like yin yoga, we are guided from the inside out. We treat each moment as an opportunity to open towards wholeness and to show up fully for ourselves. I think a lot of times in the attention economy, it feels like we are busy, when in reality we are simply sorting through the stimulus of the external world. This kind of sorting often takes place hunched over computers and smartphones and offers little physical and emotional nourishment. Dealing with mental overwhelm takes a lot of energetic resources that dip into our energetic reserves and then our bodies, minds and spirits need bailouts. Yoga practices like yin yoga offer us a deeper connection with ourselves, our bodies and our own feminine nature. They allow us to feel our bodies from the inside and trust our own experience rather than rely on what experts are telling us from the outside. Yoga practices like yin yoga open a doorway into our own insight, nourishment and inspiration.

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