Forgive Me - I’m Human

published 5 years ago by Hillsong Church

Temptation is a part of every person’s world and that’s why we should understand it. Temptation should not cause guilt and condemnation because temptation is not the sin. Sin is when we bow to temptation. In this message Ps Brian Houston speaks about “Forgive Me – I’m Human”.

Both father we thank you for the power of you'll would. No we thank you for the blessing that comes with ordering you've been living with you in the center of Allah saga my thank you the goal would it speaks life could the people to speak. Hoping to people. I give this away with the same to. You know what. And apply that will be the same to die load every single person who can hear my voice I believe who your best for them and Jesus now I am. I demand I demand I demand. You can be seated. Well I called this message pull give me I'm human. What I want to talk to about this temptation. James chapter one verses 12. The fifth day blessed. The person who would do with temptation. But when he's been approved he will receive the crown of life which the lord has promised to those who love him. Let no one say when the ...

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