TWiG 525: Looking for Mr. Goodswipe

published 1 week ago

48 States and 2 territories investigate Google over antitrust accusations. Amazon and antitrust: how much control do these giant companies have over us, and how much do we get back in return? Pixel 4 leak full videos New Pixel 4 features Pixel 4 Motion Mode and Portrait Mode Pixel 4 pricing rumors Apple Watch 5 shows how far behind Android Wear has fallen Will we get a new Pixelbook in October? Do we need one? Dogs with sticks Instagram privacy issues Facebook Dating launches in America MIT Media Lab tries to crawl out from the Epstein wreckage HiQ vs LinkedIn on public scraping Samsung Fold Hits Korea Hong Kong Protesters crowdsource a new national anthem Hosts: Jeff Jarvis, Ant Pruitt, and Jason Howell Download or subscribe to this show at . Sponsors: WWT.COM/TWIT

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