MACHINE LEARNING MONDAY - MobileNet V2 SSD Lite on Raspberry Pi 4

published 10 months ago by Adafruit Industries

This week we're building on last week's Machine Learning project where we run the MobileNet v2 1000-object detector on the Raspberry Pi 4 + BrainCraft HAT (video). This time we're running MobileNet V2 SSD Lite, which can do segmented detections. in this case it has only 90 objects it can detect but it can draw a box around the objects found. That's displayed on the 1.5" TFT on the HAT for human verification. This model's not as fast as the non-segment object detector, about 1.5 fps. We might be able to speed that up by running TensorFlow Lite instead of full TF - we'll work on that next! #machinelearning #tensorflow #raspberrypi Visit the Adafruit shop online - ----------------------------------------- LIVE CHAT IS HERE! Adafruit on Instagram: Subscribe to Adafruit on YouTube: New tutorials on the Adafruit Learning System: -----------------------------------------

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