Cognitive Search - Azure Search with AI

published 2 weeks ago by Microsoft

Jacob Jedryszek joins Scott Hanselman to talk about about using Cognitive Services with Azure Search with your mobile and web apps. Skip hiring search experts who know what an inverted index is. Don't worry about distributed systems expertise to scale your service to handle large amount of data. And forget about setting up, owning and managing the infrastructure. Let Azure Search do it all for you.[01:00] Creating a search index[02:37] AzSearch.js - Automagical UI and sample React controls[03:27] Searching the JFK Files[08:00] Adding search to Scott's blogCognitive Search – Azure Search with AI blog postThe JFK Files (microsoft/AzureSearch_JFK_Files repo)AzSearch.js (jj09/AzSearch.js repo) - Automagical UI and sample React controlsAzure Search overviewCreate a free account (Azure)

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