Interview With A Rockstar! - Nita Strauss

published 2 weeks ago by Ingrid Romero

Our client yes! Nita Strauss is one of our amazing personal training clients, in this episode she Opens Up About Becoming Part Of Alice Cooper’s Band, her struggles as a teenager trying to fit in and finding her passion at a Very young age!   This badass guitarist has been touring for 16 years and has been hitting the stage with rock legend Alice Cooper for over four years. It’s no secret that tour life can be very hectic, and it doesn’t exactly facilitate healthy living but we have been by her side every step of the way which makes it all the more impressive that shes managed to lose 50lbs and get sober while on tour back in 2015.   Her success didn’t happened by chance. Nita Strauss, the world renowned guitarist who has toured the globe and earned honors and recognition from top guitar magazines literally practiced until her fingers hurt to become the new guitar player in Cooper’s band and she opened up to to us in a heartfelt episode where she also shares her struggles, everything life and what the future holds for her  

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