TWiRT Ep. 456 - Where We're Going We Don't Need a Tower, with Mark Voris and Jeff Heins

published 2 months ago by guysfromqueens

Driving to meet Jeff Heins at MyBridge Radio Network, I couldn’t believe it; the building at the studio address had no STL tower, but another building just ½ block farther had a big STL tower, full of antennas. Despite feeding seven full-power FM transmitters and ten FM translators, MyBridge Radio uses no traditional STL microwave links. Every audio link, whether contribution, distribution, or in-house mixing and routing, is entire in the AoIP domain. (The other building with the traditional STL tower is "Broadcast House" - a multi-station commercial radio cluster.) Jeff Heins joins us along with Mark Voris, Chief Engineer at Spirit Catholic Radio.

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