EPISODE 125: Heather’s Choice Taste Test & Bowel Movement Testing

published 4 years ago by Brian Call

On this episode of Gritty Bowmen, Mark Brownlee and I do a little Heather’s Choice taste test. Heather’s Choice is owned by Heather Kelly. Heather was on episode 114 of the Gritty Bowmen podcast--and on that episode we geeked out on nutrition and talked about her backcountry meals. On that episode, the Gritty Scotsman and I said that we would do a little taste test of Heather’s Choice meals and report back to you. We also said, we would go one step further and perform a poop test--you know… validate whether Heather’s food exists the body without causing undue harm. We are happy to report that Heather’s Choice does not cause any stomach cramping, bloating, farting, or other gastrointestinal miseries. We did not film the results of the poop test--you’re gonna have to take our word for it. In this podcast I read from an article in Elk Hunter magazine about Heather’s Choice meals. But I mistakenly say the article is in Western Hunter magazine--it’s not. Just to be clear, the Heather’s Choice article is in the recent summer 2016 edition of Elk Hunter magazine. If you’re one of those people who can’t stand it when people talk while eating--this podcast isn’t for you. We did not record this video with the intention of it being a formal podcast--so it’s a unpolished. Listen at your own risk. Better yet, go watch it on our website or through Gritty Bowmen TV on iTunes.  

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