Google Reads Your Email | TechSNAP 325

published 4 years ago by Jupiter Broadcasting

We go to air just as a massive cyberattack strikes Europe, Google stops reading your email, well sorta maybe & we discuss the latest debate over US government access to overseas data. Plus some fantastic feedback, a robust roundup & so much more!

Coming up on this week's episode of text now. We go to air just as a massive cyber attack is striking Europe. And Google's just let us know they're no longer reading our email. Say what really want. Kind. Plus the Dan I get into the details about U. S. government access to overseas data and the ongoing Supreme Court case. That will decide the future. Of our privacy. Plus we've got your feedback a giant jam packed hard hitting roundup and so much more on this week's episode. Welcome to text net Jupiter broadcasting's weekly systems network and administration podcast. Episode was streamed live on 6/27/2017 and is brought to you by our 3 sponsors. DigitalOcean. Ting ...

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