EPISODE 317: How to Make a Hunter with Logan Ross & Aaron Hitchins

published 3 years ago by Brian Call

Hello friends. Today’s episode of Gritty Bowmen is pretty special, I think. My guests are Logan Ross and Aaron Hitchins from Rockhouse Motion. The first time I met Aaron and Logan I instantly liked them. Logan is, perhaps, one of the kindest and most thoughtful human beings I’ve ever met. And Aaron Hitchins has a sharp wit that reveals a deeply intelligent mind. To me, Logan is as conscientious as a person can be--a human trait that I deeply admire. While Aaron is the counterweight in their relationship; providing constancy, realism, and acceptance for what is. A year ago, Logan told us her story. She was new to hunting--even opposed to hunting before she met Aaron. But then… she learned about hunting; Logan has always been conscientious about where her food came from--and with that as a foundation, she embarked on a bowhunting journey with Aaron. Bowhunting is HARD. And Logan failed at it despite her best efforts. At the end of the 2016 hunting season--Logan still could not answer the question, “can I kill an animal--and if I do, will I be okay with it?” Well... the 2017 hunting season has come to a close… and Logan is ready to answer to those questions. I hope this episode inspires you like it inspires me… to be a better person. To be more conscientious in how I hunt and live. Please take the time to invite your non-hunting friends and family to listen to Logan’s story. Because it matters--it’s the oft-unspoken side of the hunter’s heart and soul Photo Credit: @matt_white_rockhouse

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