EPISODE 111: Randy Newberg & Jeff Sposito at BHA Rondezvous

published 4 years ago by Brian Call

On this episode of Gritty Bowmen, Mark Brownlee and myself visit with Randy Newberg and Jeff Sposito. Randy Newberg is the host and producer of the TV show Fresh Tracks with Randy Newberg--a show about self-guided hunting on public lands. Randy is also the host of  Hunt Talk Radio, aka, Randy Newberg Unfiltered. As an avid conservationist, Randy advocates on behalf of hunters, educating his audience in the role hunters have played in restoring wildlife to America in what he calls “The greatest story never told.” Randy shares his passion for our public lands, a place for all hunters, “whether they are, or are not, a man of means.” Jeff Sposito is with Sitka Gear and he is also an avid conservationist and with a little help from Randy has launched a new conservation program titled, “2% for conservation.” It was my pleasure to have them on the podcast. And if you’re not already, I hope each of you who are listening will take the time follow Randy. He’s kind of an old dude--sorry Randy--but Newberg has been around awhile and he knows a bit of history that most young hunters don’t have a clue about. And I’m grateful he’s on our side--that we’ve got someone like Randy advocating on behalf of public lands and the animals that live on them. And do what you can to support Jeff’s project, 2% For Conservation. Call him up, get on his website, follow him on Instagram--ask him how you can help. Remember this quote by Shane Mahoney; because it’s true: “Wildlife and wild places no longer exist by accident or without the intervention of those that truly and deeply care.”

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