Cavuto: Reality and math hit ObamaCare

published 2 years ago by FOX News Channel

Do the numbers add up or don't they?

Some Republicans are heartless with healthcare plan that's on Democrats go support the goal murderous there really are prominent leaders on the left now as we've reported now saying people will die maybe hundreds of thousands of them because of what Republicans are doing the health care. Here Nancy Pelosi yet again we do know that the many more people millions and hundreds of thousands of people will die if if bill passed 0 that the hundreds of thousands. Stop if only they say the hyperbole for some of the folks paying the bills because their premiums are soaring in their coverage options are shrinking and even the ones getting that care let's just say the affordable Care Act is proving well not so affordable out of pocket expenses going through the roof so to deductibles so high they get patients pause to get any help at all Clinton Boston you're right Neal Democrats have a royal they're criticizing Republicans for trying to fix that as they created Sean via Yahoo what's mean is the laptop big this monstrosity of a log ...

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