BiggerPockets Podcast 341: Getting Started with No Cash to 30+ Deals Per Year and “Free Houses” with Jared Holland

published 6 months ago by : Joshua Dorkin and Brandon Turner

Real estate flipper, broker, contractor, and more! Guest Jared Holland is doing 30 deals a year and profiting from all different phases of a flip. Today he’ll share exactly how he does it! This episode gets into the nitty gritty of Jared’s business and his advice on using a multitude of methods to find deals. He discusses how he grew from one wholesale deal to running an entire business in a short period of time, how he handled the transition of going from employee to manager, and how he got his first deal from a hedge fund! You’ll also appreciate his fantastic tips on recognizing the right mindset in an employee/partner, finding deals if you have no money, and NEVER assuming the person you’re talking to doesn’t want to work with you. Jared goes on to explain why taking big action matters, as well as how to decide which actions you should start with. If you’re looking to level up your investing, taking your business from successful to megasuccesful, download this one today! Click here to listen on BiggerPockets.

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