Woodsongs 764: Judy Collins and Ari Hest

published 5 years ago by The Woodsongs Old Time Radio Hour Vodcast

JUDY COLLINS has inspired audiences with sublime vocals, boldly vulnerable songwriting, personal life triumphs, and a firm commitment to social activism. In the 1960s, she evoked both the idealism and steely determination of a generation united against social and environmental injustices. Five decades later, her luminescent presence shines brightly as new generations bask in the glow of her iconic 50-album body of work, and heed inspiration from her spiritual discipline to thrive in the music industry for half a century. This folk icon's latest release is a very special concert album 'Live in Ireland'. This unforgettable concert includes a mix of Judy s most well known hits and traditional Irish songs PLUS duets with Irish singer Mary Black and NY singer-songwriter Ari Hest. ARI HEST is an American singer-songwriter and a native of Riverdale in the Bronx borough of New York. His music has been featured on numerous television shows and NPR's "All Things Considered." He's also scored a film called 'Dreamriders,' which won several independent film awards. Ari's latest is his eight studio release titled 'Shouts and Whispers'. It's a non-typical collection of tracks that ultimately form a cohesive narrative. With songs of sadness and resignation giving way to lucidity and catharsis, Hest's introspection and intelligence are on display, creating moments of magic within his poetic, spare lyrics and backing them up with his ear for haunting melodies.

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