Woodsongs 679: Kat Edmonson and Spirit Family Reunion

published 7 years ago by The Woodsongs Old Time Radio Hour Vodcast

KAT EDMONSON is a buoyant singer-songwriter from Texas whose tiny stature belies a powerful voice. She makes smart, familiar pop; though steeped in vintage tradition, her style leans left of center. She's performed with Willie Nelson, opened for Smokey Robinson, toured with Boz Scaggs and Lyle Lovett, and headlined the Taichung Jazz Festival in Taiwan. She also recorded "Baby It's Cold Outside" with Lovett for his new album "Release Me." Now splitting her time between Austin and NYC, Kat is eager to release her second record, 'Way Down Low.' She hopes it will be "a launching pad to play all over the world and travel wherever I can." SPIRIT FAMILY REUNION play homegrown American music to stomp, clap, shake and holler with. Ever since they started singing together on the street corners, farmer's markets and subway stations of New York City, their songs have rung-out in a pure and timeless way. When Spirit Family Reunion gather to sing, there is communion. Strangers and neighbors come to rejoice in the sound, and there is no divide between performer and spectator. The band's latest is "No Separation" and they will be playing at the historic Newport Folk Festival over the summer.

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