Woodsongs 657: Gary Biscuit Davis and The Hackensaw Boys

published 7 years ago by The Woodsongs Old Time Radio Hour Vodcast

GARY "BISCUIT" DAVIS is the only three-time National Banjo Champion in America and has won dozens of state and regional titles as well. Gary got his nickname, "Biscuit" when he was performing with the Smith Brothers as lead guitarist. They had a guitar player that they nicknamed "Cornbread," so he could be "Biscuit." Gary performed for fifteen years at Dollywood, recently was band leader, co-producer and banjo player for Dolly Parton on her bluegrass album "Halos & Horns". He toured with Dolly for a year to promote that album/ THE HACKENSAW BOYS have their feet firmly planted in the old-time song tradition, have their hands soiled by the dirt of rock n' roll and have their eyes fixed steadily on the future of real country music. This Charlottesville, VA group is among the most exciting groups charting new territory in today's diverse Americana music scene after seven years of relentless touring throughout the United States, Europe and the U.K.. The group's latest efforts, "The Old Sound of Music, Vol. 1 and The Old Sound of Music, Vol. 2," deliver original material that draws upon the songwriting talents of its members. It's a celebratory but defiant sound culled from old-time mountains, backstage doorways and punishing drives through the evolving American landscape.

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