Taking a Break from YouTube | August 2019 Yoga with Melissa

published 11 months ago by Dr. Melissa West - Yoga Teacher - Namaste Yoga

Taking a Break This video is going to explain a little bit more about the break that Tim and I are going to be taking from YouTube as well as what to expect in August of 2019. The launch of short 10 minute breathing videos on the Yoga with Melissa channel have been incredibly successful and transformational, both in my life and yours. I want to talk a little bit about how this has impacted myself and my breathing buddy over the last month and say a little bit about the plan with these short breathing videos. In July we also started the Attention Economy series which are yoga classes for overwhelm and anxiety in the attention economy. Your response to these classes have also been incredibly positive. Thank you, I am so glad you are enjoying them so far. I feel completely in my element in cultural studies and communications here and it feels so good to bring my expertise here to the yoga classroom. Our members will be focusing on the five koshas and a beautiful series of videos that I filmed in the summer on a dock a number of years ago now. The five koshas are kind of like nesting Russian dolls, rather they are not separate, but interconnected. The outermost layer is the anomaya kosha or body of food, our physical body. Surrounding the physical sheath, interpenetrating it, transcending it are the three layers of the subtle body: Pranamaya Kosha (the vital energy sheath), manamaya kosha (mental sheath) and the vijnana kosha (or vital energy sheath). Deeper than all of these is the ananda maya kosha - the bliss sheath. This is our deepest Self, our True Nature, our Buddha Nature. This month, if you would still like to explore something similar to the koshas but are not a member, you can do the Listening with Your Whole Body Series in August. It is a 7 class series with classes on listening with your breath, listening with your body, listening with your emotions, listening with your mind, listening with your spirit, listening to the life connections and then a review of the series Membership: Click Here Listening with Your Whole Body Series  Breathing Videos  

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