Yoga to Grow Taller at the Wall with Laura G

published 1 year ago by Dr. Melissa West - Yoga Teacher - Namaste Yoga

Grow Taller The wall is a versatile prop, especially for working on posture. We spend so much time during the day looking down and reaching forward that we tend to develop rounded posture. This can even cause us to appear shorter. Using the wall as a prop helps us to stack the body, open the chest and bring the head over the shoulders. We can also use the wall as a place to create traction and decompress the spine. This practice starts with posture work in mountain pose at the wall. We will use a block on top of the head to help us feel the effort against gravity that helps us to elongate. Then we turn the body around to downward facing dog with the hands on the wall. From this position we can explore some more accessible versions of warrior 3 that create nice space down the sides of the body. Moving from the wall to a bar, or in your home the kitchen sink/ counter top, we move deeper into natural traction by sinking our body weight back toward the pelvis while the arms are anchored. Moving down onto the mat we practice the classic Balancing Table posture with the foot pressing into the wall and the opposite arm reaching away. This offers another opportunity to create space down both sides of the body. The feeling of lifting the body up against the pull of gravity is then explored in Staff pose with the feet pressing into the baseboard. From there we roll down onto the mat to feel the length in supine Mountain pose and Corpse Pose. This sequence will improve your posture, open up new space for the breath and leave you feeling taller! Thank You so much for watching & Thank You Melissa for having me on your channel! It is so wonderful to be able to collaborate with a yoga teacher that has been such a role model to me throughout my journey from yoga student to teacher!  I can only imagine how many lives you have touched through your teaching! To order "Yoga Therapy At The Wall" as an instant PDF download go to Laura's Etsy Store: HealthyFocusByLauraG: To order a full color printed copy of "Yoga Therapy at The Wall" go on For information on upcoming Workshops & Trainings click here  Follow the Yoga Focus Podcast on Anchor and all major podcast outlets! Stay up to date with Laura on Instagram @LauraGyoga and @Yoga_At_The_Wall

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