Collusion to Obstruction | Unfilter 241

published 2 years ago by Jupiter Broadcasting

While the investigation into Trump campaign collusion with Russia bears little fruit, the investigation into obstruction of justice could really be going somewhere. We discuss how Trump has been successfully trapped. Plus the very serious situation in Syria developing between the US and Russia, the latest on Cyber threats, leaks & “war on encryption”.

This is unfiltered episode 241 for 6/21/2017 he's not afraid of the investigation there is no investigation I want to be clear here spiral Sunday morning TV screens one of the president's personal lawyer is going on offenses but there's not an investigation of the president of the United States accurate foot contradicting the president's own social media admission made Friday I am being investigated for firing the FBI director. Notably the president did not repeat that today in a trio of tweets where he denounced the distraction of the witch hunt the president's apparent admission. No worries. Weapon see set off some. A. No it's not. So I got to ...

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