Balkan Mountains, Bulgaria: Battle Monuments

published 3 years ago by Rick Steves

Bulgaria's Balkan Mountains are home to several sites that serve as reminders of Bulgaria's history. Shipka Pass and Shipka Church honors the sacrifice of Bulgaria and Russian troops in a battle against the Ottomans, and Buzludzha is a crumbling Communist monument left over from the Cold War. At , you'll find money-saving travel tips, small-group tours, guidebooks, TV shows, radio programs, podcasts, and more on this destination.

Leaving delicate Tarnovo we cross over the Balkan mountains. At the top of Shipka pass a memorial marks the site where in 1877 a combined Bulgarian and Russian army finally turned the tide in the battle against the Ottomans. This pivotal battle led to the eventual demise of the Ottoman Empire and to the creation of the modern independent country of Bulgaria. Down in the valley. Church. Which honors the sec. Built by Russia a century. A fine example of the exuberant Muscovites. Capping a nearby ridge miles from anything. This one of the most busy. Sites I've seen. Whose live John. And the band monument to the Bulgarian Communist Party. This gigantic conference hall was built in the 19 eighties. In the waning days of communist rule ...

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