Intention Setting In Attention Economy | Yin Yoga for Gallbladder Meridian | YwM 493

published 1 year ago by Dr. Melissa West - Yoga Teacher - Namaste Yoga

Yin Yoga This Yin Yoga Class from the Attention Economy Series focuses on Intention and our Human Goals vs. the goals that technology and the social media platforms have for us. Intention setting in yin yoga aligns well with your gallbladder meridian which runs along your side body. Your gallbladder is responsible for decision making, judgment and courage. Your gallbladder is seen as a pivot organ and helps you with new beginnings and new stages in your life. It is about taking appropriate action based on the circumstances of your life. It may seem that the technology we use from our laptops to smartphones to the social media platforms and software on them have come into our lives to fulfill all of our needs and desires. After all they are allowing us to connect right now. Maybe you are watching this yoga class on a tv, or on a laptop or a smartphone. This technology is allowing me to communicate a message and teachings to you. All of that is incredibly positive. However, the premise of the attention economy is that we question, what are technology’s goals for you? Do they align with your human goals of spending more time with friends and family, of having closer relationships, of bettering your physical and emotional health, of having more energy and transforming your spiritual life? Or, if we are honest are the goals of technology and technology platforms simply engagement goals. In other words, asking us to maintain as much time as possible with their product. Are they simply designed to get us to keep clicking, tapping and scrolling? And if so, are those goals in alignment with our human goals of better relationships, improving our mental, emotional and physical health, more energy and transforming our spiritual life? The yin yoga poses in this class will focus on your side body and hips with some of my most favourite yin yoga poses including bananasana, pigeon pose, shoelace pose with a side bend, figure four with a twist. We focus on the principles of yin and modifications are given especially for knee issues but also for SI joint issues in this class. Resource: Stand Out of Our Light: Freedom and Resistance in the Attention Economy by James Williams  

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