SDPA Fall 2016 | The Formation of the New Texas State Affiliate

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  Bethany Grubb and Joe Capasso stopped by the Dermcast studios during the SDPA’s 14th Annual Fall Dermatology Conference 2016, held in Las Vegas, Nevada, to discuss the recently formed Texas State affiliate of the SDPA.

Well I'm ever Blair welcome to damn cast TV I'm here today with Bethany grabbed past president STP A. and Joe Capasso president. STP 8 Texas. Affiliate thank you so much for taking sometime to talk to us today about this exciting new chapter thank you. So we are still discussing the Texas state affiliate can you talk to me a little bit about that evolving structure of your organization. Sure where it's where we're kind of in our embryonic stages of development right now but. we wanted to set up. A a state affiliate in order to facilitate communication. Between all of the the darn PDAs in the state of Texas. Texas is a big state. Quite a few dumb PA's in the state. And so we felt it was time to develop that kind of ...

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