NEW: 10 Secrets to Teaching Kids Music - Free Online Training

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FREE TRAINING: Discover our Top 10 Secrets for Teaching Kids Music: In the training, you'll discover actionable tips for: • getting your kids to sing in tune • developing your child's sense for pitch & rhythm • giving your kids a balanced musical diet • making music fun and routine in your life Since launching, we've empowered thousands of families and teachers to make music lessons fun, accessible and exciting in their lives, and we've spent the last month putting all of our best strategies into this FREE TRAINING for YOU!!  In the training, you'll learn about the methods, strategies, resources, apps & materials we look to when we make music lessons, so you can get start implementing them in your child's life today. Plus, you'll receive free bonus downloads including  - One of our all time favorite rhythm episodes, Sweet Beets - One of our best 3 note episodes, Campfire Song - One of our best Solfege Hand-Sign lessons from Preschool Prodigies - Printable Hand-Sign Poster  - eBook: Raising a Young Musician Sign-up for the free training today at:

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