AD #2131 – Sonata Significantly Redesigned, Panoz Develops 24-Hour EV Racer, Michelin 3D Prints Tire of the Future

published 1 year ago by John McElroy

- 2018 Hyundai Sonata Significantly Redesigned - Mazda Dealerships to Get Makeover - VW’s Weak EU Diesel Compensation Offer - Jaguar Introduces New XF Sportbrake - Panoz Develops 24-Hour EV Race Car - Michelin Shows 3D Printed Tire and Wheel Combo - Renault Accused of Sexism

On today's show Hyundai redesigns the sonata Mazda redesigns its dealerships and Michelin figures out how to print more tread I'm too worn out tires all that more coming right up on online daily. Does not align daily the shelf for enthusiasts of the automotive industry. When the current generation sonata hit the market a few years back Hyundai was met with criticism for toning down the styling too much from the previous more expressive styling looks like the auto maker got the memo. It's getting ready to launch a significantly redesigned sonata for 2018. The changes include. I knew grill lower facial air ducts headlights could wheels roof decklid tail lights ended all new rear end where the license plate has been move to the bumper put wait there's more. I knew ...

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