AD #2128 – VW Eyes Opel’s Former CEO, Honda Refreshes the Fit, Holden Reveals Next-Gen Commodore Racecar

published 1 year ago by John McElroy

- VW Eyes Opel’s Former CEO - GM Closes Foundation and Drops the Dream Cruise - Car Sales on Fire in Mexico - Honda Refreshes the Fit - Holden Reveals Next-Gen Commodore Racecar - Toyota Experiments with Car Sharing - Lincoln Navigator’s Unique Shifter

I'm today show Carl Thomas Neuman may be headed to Volkswagen again General Motors shuts down the GM foundation and new car sales are on fire in Mexico on that more coming right up on moneyline daily. This is not a line daily the shelf for enthusiasts of the automotive industry. Earlier this year General Motors agreed to sell Opel the PSA but the CEO of the German automaker won't stick around to see it happen reports surfaced this weekend that Carl Thomas Neuman will resign he left the W. in 2013 to become the head of opal and now Reuters reports that VW wants him back again possibly to run Audi. The luxury brands current C. E. L. Rupert Stadler is in trouble over how he's handled the diesel emissions scandal. When ...

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