All About Sensory Bottles...and how to make them

published 2 months ago by Dr. Frederick B. Covington

Sensory bottles have many advantages as far as behavior is concerned, because they allow the child a chance to slow down. To use it, the child shakes the jar and observes the movement of the components within it, which will keep them entertained and focused. The sensory jar is a great way to occupy your child’s attention for a short time, but it is particularly recommended for helping children recover from their tantrums. The time that it takes for the glitter to settle can work as a kind of penalty that the child needs to wait for in order to continue with a healthy conversation. Other benefits are: They boost their attention span. They stabilize their energy levels. They are ideal for relaxing the mind and building sleep habits. They are useful during long trips or times that require your child to wait patiently. They can work for restless children or those who are at risk of hyperactivity.

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