Cavuto: What's fake is when you stop being real

published 2 years ago by FOX News Channel

Fake gets in the way of real progress

There's nothing fake about what I said bottom line regular viewers of this program also down there is nothing new will but I said because well I've been saying it for years. Spoken out poor then candidate trump and his business skills when no one would predicted on this very show he would have an election win when few others would that didn't mean I couldn't her his wrath remember when I told his critics namely Mitt Romney Donald Trump himself wrote me off wouldn't come on the show that was is right I said that night they got been beyond their regardless since. That's only fair anything less is what's fake to me state is what gets in the way of progress that should be real and the fact is the president has a real economic agenda and as I said many times on this show real momentum for that agenda. What's fake is one immediate forgets that real momentum but what is also take is one the president himself disrupts that moment it works both ways but don't ...

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