AD #2125 – Continental Develops New Charging Solution, Ford Delays All-New EV, Kia Teases New B-Segment Crossover

published 4 years ago by John McElroy

- Carlos Ghosn Prepares for His Successor - Nissan Gives Free Gas to Promote EVs - Global EV Market Grows - Continental Develops New Charging Solution - Ford’s All-New EV Delayed - When to Make the Switch to Synthetic Oil - Kia Teases New B-Segment Crossover

On today's show the production data for its upcoming dedicated Evey is revealed continental develops technology that allows E. vis to charge at any type of station and kia teases a good looking cross over with an ugly sounding name. All that more coming right up online daily. This is not a like daily the show for enthusiasts of the automotive industry. Carlos Ghosn has been running Renault Nissan for over a decade but writers reports that the 63 year old is preparing for his successors he's looking for a second in command to run a new position that would combine the currently separate chief competitive officer positions at Nissan and Renault into a single job. The contenders are Nissan chief performance officer Jose Mourinho's and CCO Jassi thorough Yamaguchi as well as Stefan Mueller ...

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