Yoga for Highly Sensitive People Overstimulation | Yin Yoga for Urinary Bladder Meridian | 489

published 1 year ago by Dr. Melissa West - Yoga Teacher - Namaste Yoga

Yin Yoga This yin yoga class will help to support highly sensitive people with overstimulation through the urinary bladder meridian line with lots of yin yoga poses for the urinary bladder meridian line. These are yin yoga poses that focus on the hamstrings. Because of all the straight legged forward folds, this class is generally not appropriate for those with back problems, herniated discs or sciatica although modifications will be given. Our bladder meridian runs from the inside corners of our eyes, over the top of our head, along either side of our spine, along the backs of our legs, and ends at the outside of the baby toe. It is the longest and most complex meridian line in our body. Our bladder meridian channel is related to the autonomic nervous system because it runs along the back of the body with two parallel branches flowing along either side of the spine. The four branches of the bladder meridian influence our sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous system. Because the highly sensitive person is prone to overstimulation it is not unusual for our sympathetic nervous system to be overly-activated, putting us in a continual state of fight or flight. In this class we will be stimulating the bladder meridian line to connect with the restful, restorative parasympathetic nervous system. In today´s yin yoga class we will create an abundant balance in our internal bank so that we have a large cushiony reserve from which to lean into when our delicate nervous system gets overstimulated. When we have energy stored away, in reserve it will help us to meet life: the sounds, the sights, the smells with greater ease. 7 days of yoga to relieve anxiety Elaine Aron Ph.D. Clinical Researcher and Psychologist of the Highly Sensitive Person : Link

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