Nice Flower Box Made From Pallets - GardenFork

published 3 years ago by Eric Rochow

Love pallet projects! here's a flower box I made that looks like its from Pottery Barn Get Our Email News: Would you consider becoming a monthly supporter of GardenFork? For less than a cup of coffee, you can! Learn more on our Patreon page here: Support GardenFork while shopping at Amazon, start here:

It's almost 90 degrees out and guess who wants to play with the ball today guys are gonna show you know. You know these here come the average plastic flower box window box rigs and it's full terrakom it's plastic painted. That terra cotta color you know. So I thought let's make vets. Look nice. In a cheap freeway. Use instant pallet wood and some pain to have alright ready. Here we go make. 6. Grow. Darden for. First thing we're gonna do. Break down the power. I don't have my palate breaker bar that I am in invented by built one. There's a link to the video at the end of this video somebody is. I'm crowbars. And a hand sledge. I think it's part this is me ...

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