Standing In A Beautiful Bee Swarm - GardenFork

published 4 years ago by Eric Rochow

Amazing footage of me and a bee swarm as it is happening, and what I try to do to save the swarm. Get Our Email News: Would you consider becoming a monthly supporter of GardenFork? For less than a cup of coffee, you can! Learn more on our Patreon page here: Support GardenFork while shopping at Amazon, start here:

Ntune leann. Art. Everyone. We just came up on the roof to do some work. To repair the roof. And I noticed the bees were just kind of flying all around and then I realized that. This new hive we just put out. Warming. Swarming is kind of like an amoeba splitting in 2. How. These are replicate themselves. . The basically half the hive leaves with the old queen. Half the hive stays and raises the new queen. And in a moment okay. So we moved back a little bit . But basically ...

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